Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I can't believe it's almost time.

Walk through is tomorrow at 9am.  Pinch me.

I had dinner plans with Jill last night.  We decided to take a drive by the house.  The guys weren't working, so we stopped and got the key and took a look around.

Floors and Carpet are in.  I really wanted a nice soft carpet for the upstairs.  One that felt kind of squashy under your feet.  I didn't like the upgraded carpet colors, so we went with a standard carpet, but we tricked out the underlay - got the best one they carry.

But I was still unsure how it would feel.   It feels great. Just like I wanted. Yay!

The hardwoods look really nice as well.  Between now and tomorrow evening (when we get the keys) this is what still (as far as I can tell) needs to happen.

1. Doors need to be hung upstairs on the bedrooms and closets
2. Closet organizers need to be installed
3. Pantry door (with glass insert) needs to be hung.  Glass for the island liquor cabinet doors need to be installed.
4. Taps installed in Kitchen
5. Toilet on Main floor
6. One last pendant light to be installed over island
7.  Range hood installed
8. Ceiling speakers in ensuite and boys den installed
9. Chandelier in dining room installed
10. Lock Changed from generic builder locks to our locks.
11. Cleaning.

Thundercats are go!


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