Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Come on baby light my fire..

Sometime ago we picked out pendant lights for the house

I liked them because they were different and unique.

Well, was shopping at Costco and lo and behold what did appear, but my pendant lights.  I have to admit, it made me like them WAY less. I can't explain why.  It's like part of the reason I liked them was that they would be so different and knowing that they are common took away a bit of the excitement.

I was still going to get them though.  But when we went to Superlite to pay for them this weekend, she told me that they were having major trouble with them.  She went into some whole big electrical soliloquy about MR16 and GE10 bulbs and how they were having issues with the MR16 and we would potentially have to look at upgrading our wiring to handle it.... blah blah blah.

Since the novelty was starting to wear off on these anyways, we decided to choose different ones altogether.  We got these ones, the sales rep is holding the tag to the ones we got.  They are stainless steel, take any bulb that we want LED etc will match our new appliances and don't require any wiring upgrades.  SOLD.


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