Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's ours!

We did the walk through.  It looks great.  The painters were there doing last minute touch ups (which is why the ceiling looks wet in the first picture).  We officially get possession at 5pm.

Of the outstanding things from the other day, here is what's left to do.

1. Doors need to be hung upstairs on the bedrooms and closets
2. Closet organizers need to be installed
3. Pantry door (with glass insert) needs to be hung.  Glass for the island liquor cabinet doors need to be installed. - This is on backorder, so we will get a call when Kitchen Craft is ready to install.  Kitchen Craft will also install Crown Molding along the tops of the cabinets at that time as well.
4. Taps installed in Kitchen
5. Toilet on Main floor
6. One last pendant light to be installed over island
7.  Range hood installed
8. Ceiling speakers in ensuite and boys den installed - Accurate will do this at our appointment on August 7.  They have to do the Den and the Outdoor speakers.
9. Chandelier in dining room installed
10. Lock Changed from generic builder locks to our locks.
11. Cleaning - While they did a first clean (looks great). I was told that the cleaner come back this afternoon to do another final cleaning before 5pm today.

1. Driveway - This is being done today.  We can't drive on it for 7 days, but you can walk on it after 24 hrs.
2. Air Conditioning - This is being done today at 1:30pm.
3. Stucco/Siding/Final downspouts - This will take place next month
4. Final window cleaning - This will take place after the Stucco Siding
5. Final Grading - Probably in the Spring next year.


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